Enactus Eindhoven

Enactus Eindhoven has several projects which you can join, or you can start a new project. The existing projects are a few steps further down the line, although you will also be guided through the phases which have already been passed by the projects in a summarizing manner. Some of these projects already generate revenue, you will join to further develop them into making an exit. If you want to start a new project, this is also possible. When there are enough people interested in making up a new team, you can start going through the roadmap from scratch. Of course it is possible that your project will not work, no problem, you can leave that idea and start all over again with a new idea! Enactus is all about learning and developing yourself! The projects offer you the possibility to apply your knowledge, to do more than just studying, and to get out of the student bubble and try something that will change the world!

Board year at Enactus:


A part-time board year at Enactus Eindhoven can offer so much more than it sounds. Enactus Eindhoven is a small student team, started 3 years ago. In these three years the board, members and of course Enactus Netherlands have made so much progress. And this is why a board year at this Enactus can offer more than it looks like. There are still on many levels progress points, and new steps that can be taken. Therefore, the skills that can be gained as a board member are very wide, especially as the board consists of only four members instead of the regular six.

Not only can a part-time board year at Enactus Eindhoven offer so much because it is a new team, but also because the bigger organization, Enactus, has much to offer. From personal members to a lot of workshops: Enactus offers it all. The idea of Enactus is also very good, as it stands for a better sustainable world. It achieves this by making impact, through sustainable projects. As a board, we stimulate and support these projects as much as we can. But what we are actually doing is supporting good sustainable ideas, and bringing these to the next level. If a project is eventually sold to a company, we will stimulate them. But of course we are also there for our members when they want to start their own company.

As already mentioned, as a board there are so many levels to work on or to gain skills. As a chair, I am responsible to overview these levels and to ensure that all tasks are completed correctly. I give structure throughout the year and keep track of the year plans. Personally, I learn to be a responsible leader. But next to this I learn a lot of practice knowledge, also because of my mentor. I find myself in difficult situations, where I can learn from as soon as I reflect on these situations.


I am Jenny Loonen, 20 years old, and currently in my final year of bachelor industrial engineering and management.

As a member of the 4th board of Enactus Eindhoven I will be the new Vice chair and Event manager. As vice chair and event manager I am responsible for the documentation, impact measurements, and for organizing and hosting events. My goal is to work together to achieve organizational growth. I am looking forward to professionalizing the organisation and gaining new members with my fellow board members. 


Hello everyone! My name is Emy van der Heijden, I am 23 years old and I live in Deurne, the Netherlands. 


Currently, I am studying (fiscal) law at the Tilburg University. Next year, I would like to expand this to the master notarial law. 


Why did I choose to become a board member at Enactus Eindhoven? Well, to be honest, I hadn’t even heard from Enactus before the end of May 2020. Just one simple message in my LinkedIn-inbox changed all of that. After sending some messages back and forth, we arranged an online conversation with each other. Listening to the vision and goals of Enactus and where Enactus Eindhoven stands for made me very enthusiastic and I couldn’t wait to start! I feel thrilled to be a part of this fourth years’ Enactus Eindhoven board and I look very much forward to see what this year has to offer. 


As part of this years’ board of Enactus Eindhoven, I am fulfilling my time as External Relations Manager. 


In my free time, I like reading books and being with friends and family. I could say that, besides this, I like a good challenge as well. During my study, my biggest challenges were the times abroad. These experiences helped me to grow as a person. In my spare time, I would say that being a part of the board of Enactus Eindhoven is my biggest challenge. Helping to grow this organization by for example finding partners and sponsors is an important part of it. 

Enactus Netherlands

Enactus Netherlands forms the center of the Enactus platform/partnership through programs, events, networking facilities and relationship management. Enactus Netherlands offers students the opportunity/chance to develop themselves. And provide the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their environment by creating and carrying out various social projects and enterprises.

Enactus Netherlands has three programs: The Social Start Up Incubator, The Social Start Up Accelerator and the Board program. We have developed a roadmap for the Incubator and Accelerator program. The roadmap visualizes the journey of an Enactus team and the journey of the Enactus student as an individual during an Enactus year. The journey for the individual student leads to an entrepreneurial and responsible leader and the journey of the team has a social enterprise as its final destination.

In addition to the three programs, Enactus Netherlands also organizes various events and board specific activities as part of the Board program. 

Enactus Worldwide

Enactus is a worldwide organization with 72,000 students which are entrepreneurial, values-driven social innovators across 1,730 campuses in 37 countries, positively impacting the lives of 1.3 million people each year. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, teams of students conduct needs assessments in their community, identify potential solutions to complex issues and implement community impact projects. This results in communities benefiting from collaboration and fresh innovation, plus students gain the valuable experience to advance their personal and professional lives.

The Enactus World Cup shares insights, fuels innovation and drives global impact.
The final competitions are qualified from the 37 participating countries. Each team presents their projects of entrepreneurial action that are not only making a difference in the world, they have the momentum to create new careers, spark business innovation and deliver fresh energy for social impact.