Enactus Eindhoven

Enactus Eindhoven has several projects which you can join, or you can start a new project. The existing projects are a few steps further down the line, although you will also be guided through the phases which have already been passed by the projects in a summarizing manner. Some of these projects already generate revenue, you will join to further develop them into making an exit. If you want to start a new project, this is also possible. When there are enough people interested in making up a new team, you can start going through the roadmap from scratch. Of course it is possible that your project will not work, no problem, you can leave that idea and start all over again with a new idea! Enactus is all about learning and developing yourself! The projects offer you the possibility to apply your knowledge, to do more than just studying, and to get out of the student bubble and try something that will change the world!

Board year at Enactus:

What distinguishes an Enactus Board year?
For me, the difference between a board year at Enactus and a board year at any other team or association is the focus on social entrepreneurship. This seems like an obvious answer, but it is important nonetheless. In managing our project teams, we are not simply supporting teams; we are supporting ideas that will turn into start-ups. This distinction comes with a whole new range of challenges that are unique to Enactus. Additionally, the vibe within Enactus on a national and global level is a ‘can do’ mentality. We are all united in trying to better the world, and we will not shy away from helping and advising each other.

What did you learn the most as Chair of the Board?
While of course I have learned how to prepare for meetings and how to conduct them, the most important things I will take with me are on a higher level. Especially the mentor program has helped me develop my communication skills: I have learned about personality styles and how to recognize them and deal with them properly; I have learned to know my own greatest pitfalls and how to incorporate solutions to prevent them; I have learned how to ask questions that help my team members to work out problems independently and that contribute to their personal growth and development; I have learned how to enthuse people (even more!) and make them allies of our cause; I have learned infinite many things about myself and how I can use my individual skills to become a great leader. 

What distinguishes an Enactus Board year?
What I love most of being a board member at Enactus Eindhoven, is that my contribution to the team can make a big difference. Enactus Eindhoven is a relatively new and small team which tries to grow and develop itself to become a popular and healthy student team, which is a very interesting process to follow and help with.  As a board member, we can decide which decisions will contribute to these developments and on which tempo we will continue. Besides, I especially like the focus on social entrepreneurship. Figuring out how a simple idea can grow out to a startup is a  very creative process. Working with a team which is motivated to learn more about entrepreneurship is really fun and always challenging.  Another thing that keeps me motivated throughout the year are the Enactus Netherlands activities. There are a few very learningful moments in the year where we meet with the directors and other boards of all Enactus Netherlands teams. This is a moment to reflect on what you have achieved in the previous period and establish objectives for the coming period.

What did you learn the most as Vice-Chair of the Board?
At Enactus, I got to know myself much better. I know what my qualities and pitfalls are, and how I can use or solve them. This knowledge enhances my personality and will help me in my professional career later on.  I also learned what role I take in in different kinds of groups and how I can make myself and the other group members comfortable in this role. Finally, there are lots of other very practical skills which are improved during my board member. An obvious skill which is improved is making clear and structural notes which are understandable for the rest of the team. But I also learned that getting people energized and motivated is a very valuable skill to improve yourself on!

What distinguishes an Enactus Board year?
A part-time board year at Enactus has a lot of advantages compared to another part-time board year, mostly because of the way Enactus is organized and the years of existence of Enactus Eindhoven. At Enactus Eindhoven, we are given the opportunity to make change, pave the path for the future members of the team. This gave us some hard decisions to be made this year but also motivated us to think about what kind of impact we would like to make for the future. This way of thinking has helped me better understand the decision making process which other organizations have already had to make years ago.

Another big advantage is the knowledge and opportunities to develop yourself provided by the nationwide network of Enactus for board members. Enactus is all about developing yourself and becoming the next generation leader.

What did you learn the most as HR & Marketing manager of the Board?
As HR manager you are closely involved with the development of the members of the team, together you develop a goal to achieve during the year in a field in which he or she is not yet experienced and likes to become better at. I have learned how to develop this goal together and how to monitor it. Whilst giving everyone the freedom to express his or her feelings whenever things go another way. This means coping with negative feedback and turning it into a positive improvement, but also receiving positive feedback and keeping it positive.

As Marketing manager, the key learning point is how to handle recruitment and combine it with social media. Social media is a key component in spreading your message and connecting with people who already know you or have never heard of you before. This combination of responsibilities needs a specific kind of solution, or even solutions, as there are multiple ways of both reaching more people and keeping people who already know you informed of what is happening.

What distinguishes an Enactus Board year?
For me one of the most distinctive traits of doing a enactus board is the freedom of choice in how you can make an impact. You can really work on tasks and stuff which you consider as relevant and that causes that almost all tasks are fulfilled with pleasure instead of having the feeling to oblige to certain stuff. Therefore, the tasks also cover many various aspects which causes that you never do the same which makes the board year continuously challenging. 

Additionally, with an Enactus board year you have the feeling that you truly contribute to the development of an organization. Also, you are part of a worldwide organization which provides many opportunities to develop yourself as an international social entrepreneur. 

What did you learn the most of the External relations and event manager  of the Board?
I learned many things as a event and external affairs manager of the Enactus Eindhoven board. Especially concerning planning and presenting yourself. Enactus helped me discovering my strengths, pitfalls but also how I grow in a project. It is funny to see what kind of person you are in a certain project and how you learn to exploit your role in the best way possible. Next to presenting myself, I also learned how to maintain a good contact with partners and finding out what your organization or project really needs. Often you get the question: “But what do you really want with this project?” And now I can answer this. 

As a board responsible, I learned how to plan in an efficient way and manage a project in a way that you take everything into account.  This is also something that you learn extra as an event manager: planning properly and fitting everything in a sometimes (tight) schedule. But when it works, it is always a relief that everyting worked as planned!

Enactus Nederland

Enactus Netherlands forms the center of the Enactus platform/partnership through programs, events, networking facilities and relationship management. Enactus Netherlands offers students the opportunity/chance to develop themselves. And provide the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their environment by creating and carrying out various social projects and enterprises.

Enactus Netherlands has three programs: The Social Start Up Incubator, The Social Start Up Accelerator and the Board program. We have developed a roadmap for the Incubator and Accelerator program. The roadmap visualizes the journey of an Enactus team and the journey of the Enactus student as an individual during an Enactus year. The journey for the individual student leads to an entrepreneurial and responsible leader and the journey of the team has a social enterprise as its final destination.

In addition to the three programs, Enactus Netherlands also organizes various events and board specific activities as part of the Board program. 

Enactus Worldwide

Enactus is a worldwide organization with 72,000 students which are entrepreneurial, values-driven social innovators across 1,730 campuses in 37 countries, positively impacting the lives of 1.3 million people each year. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, teams of students conduct needs assessments in their community, identify potential solutions to complex issues and implement community impact projects. This results in communities benefiting from collaboration and fresh innovation, plus students gain the valuable experience to advance their personal and professional lives.

The Enactus World Cup shares insights, fuels innovation and drives global impact.
The final competitions are qualified from the 37 participating countries. Each team presents their projects of entrepreneurial action that are not only making a difference in the world, they have the momentum to create new careers, spark business innovation and deliver fresh energy for social impact. This year, the World Cup will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 8-10 september!


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