Projects & Teams

Enactus Eindhoven currently consists of 12 project members who work together on 2 start-ups. These social enterprises are set up around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. It is intended that each company has at least one of these goals as a starting point. In this way we work together to create a better world for everyone.

Enactus Eindhoven currently consists of the following project teams:


We want to combat litter by motivating each other in a positive and fun way to throw away waste in the bins. To have a lasting impact, we want to make people aware of their behavior. Such that, with a long-term effect, we encourage people to reduce waste consumption and to dispose of waste properly.
BrightBin is a universal add-on for public waste bins. By means of light and sound, the interactive plate rewards the disposal of waste. BrightBin can easily be attached to the front of a trash can. The materials are chosen in such a way that BrightBin is sustainable, energy efficient and vandal-proof.
We believe that we can create a cleaner world with less waste and less litter on our streets.

Founded: 2017


Board 2019-2020

Manon van Hastenberg


Emma Urselmann


Rick Buijsse

HR & Marketing

Theys Andriesse

External relations & Events


Adriaan Karsmakers

Claudia van den Boom

Daphne Vermeer

Emma Urselmann

Manon van Hastenberg

Michelle van Ardenne

Rick Buijsse

Ruud heuvelmans

Scott Hellebrands

Theys Andriesse

Tim Geraerds

William Lee


Evie Tossaint

Koen van Oijen

Lars de Hamer

Luuk Rousseau

Timo van Helvoort

Maikel Brinkhoff


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